Fully ghost events to ensure there's always a race available

I fully appreciate that there are lots of events available in Zwift, but I’m frequently finding there isn’t the ‘right’ event based on when I’m free, or based on my ability/interests.

I know that there are other requests for ‘ghost’ riders (e.g. your PB) on course, but why can’t entire events be created of computer competitors, so that there is always an event available to enter.

In the UK, I’ve noticed a few ‘bald spots’ weekend afternoons (around 4pm), or very early morning. For example, there aren’t many 1-hour long rolling circuit events, only crits or Road to Sky alpe climbs. Frequently, I find that there’s 45 minutes between different events at some times of the day, but lots of events bunched in a 5 minute window (typically around the hour) at other times of day.

It should be possible - if there’s no ‘live’ event to enter - to choose a route, select a distance/laps and then hit ‘race’.

It’s easy to look at the event list and think there are tonnes of races, but not really. If you want a good 45 - 60 min race that’s not the Alpe Dash then there are very few events. There are lots of 20 - 40 minute criterium races, lots of longer group rides, but it’s patchy between that.

I get that others will say that isn’t possible, because other riders’ behaviour is affected by your own, but you wouldn’t need to be that smart; you could simply ‘replay’ recordings of previous races.

I think this is a great idea and I’d love zwift to do this. I believe veloton are doing this. They have AI races. You select the course, how hard you want to go and it builds a race for you racing against bots. I watched a youtube video about it the other day.

I haven’t tried it and veloton is in Beta but I know for me I really struggle to find events around my schedule.