Full map .pdf

(Mark Hewitt) #1

Now that Zwift has an official full map of every world as seen in ZML and the mini-map would it be possible for that to be made available preferably in hi-res .pdf format so the community can make use of it.

ZwiftBlog previously did a good map but they’ve said they won’t update it since the official Zwift Map now exists.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Sure, I’d be up for sharing those.  I’ll see if I can get them up on our server to download this weekend.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

Super, Thanks Jon.

I never ride without the map on my second screen.  Sad to hear that the Zwiftblog maps wont be updated. I liked the distances between points and being able to see what turn are next (ie those little circle route descriptions)


(Jon Mayfield) #4

Here ya go!




(Gerrie Delport) #5


(SteveK @Cycleoptic ICC) #6

are there any such maps with split distance and incline information?

(Richard Freeth ZHR (G)) #7


Thank you for the link to the maps but they are a bit sparse.  Do you have a version with some of the highlights marked like the sprints, KOM, street names etc?  Some Zwifters seem to know them all.  Maybe you just need me to cycle the world lots of times to learn them the hard way?  :slight_smile:


(Jon Mayfield) #8

These are the maps used in the game and look ‘sparse’ on purpose.  Maybe somebody will take them, enhance them with more info, and share them for others to use as offline guides to the world.  :slight_smile:

(Richard Freeth ZHR (G)) #9

OK, that makes sense to me now.  I have found this https://zwiftblog.com/map/ which is really good but not quite as up to date as your map.

(Mark Hewitt) #10

Hello again,

Is it possible to have London updated with the new roads?



(Paul Cooper - Fuelled by Plants) #11

Can we have an update of the London map please?

(Paul Cooper - Fuelled by Plants) #12


(Andy Lee) #13

Adding my vote to update the London and Watopia map (with the Alpe du Zwift) climb.

(Leigh Kilday) #14

Thanks for keeping these up to date

(Barry Gardner Pack) #15

Can we have a map for the new Innsbruck course…pretty please???