Full listing of current keyboard shortcuts

(Richard Jodoin #HauteRoute_Asheville) #1

Hi all,
I’ve been getting annoyed at browsing through all the announcements, FAQs, etc to find all the shortcuts. So I’ve made what I think is a complete list. Please add anything or correct me if I’ve made a mistake. Cheers.

Zwift keyboard shortcuts list

Keys # 1 to 9 = change views (camera angles).
Key # 0 = brings camera to a panoramic view (of currently selected view)
U = toggle units from metric to imperial
L = Locks/logs out of Zwift
ESC = Exit the ride (will prompt to save)
Hitting the big X (top corner) = exits the ride (will also prompt to save)
T = change gear / setup during a ride
M = send message (will disappear after 10 seconds)
A = Ant+ setup
Spacebar = use Power Ups (PU)
Clicking on any rider in the rider list = camera will jump to that rider and camera angle will change after every few seconds. Will also see current top 5 lists for Green, Orange and Polka Dot jerseys.
F1 = Elbow flick
F2 = Wave
F3 to F9 = various sounds
F10 = take a picture / snapshot

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #2

Good list. I noticed that if you hit ESC to exit, you can hit ESC again to dismiss that screen and go back to riding. So you can use the double ESC as a pause without having to wait to coast down to zero mph/kph.

(Richard Jodoin #HauteRoute_Asheville) #3

Thanks for that. I will add it to my list.

(Michael Olsen) #4

If you select a rider for a view, how do you switch back to your own view? Is there a key for that?

(C oach Paul Ozier) #5

@ Michael, have not tried this yet, but I imagine you would click on yourself to get back to your own view.

@ Richard - Love this list. Thanks! I saw someone wave yesterday and I thought I was imaging things during my 43 mile ride on Zwift. F1 will come in handy when a group of us ride together so we can let the next guy know it is his turn to pull.

(_JP Half Fast Mike) #6

Thank you. I was wondering!

(Richard Jodoin #HauteRoute_Asheville) #7

For what I know, the only way to switch back to your rider is to click your name in the right hand list.

(Christian Kerr WBR C) #8

Down Arrow - ride in the reverse direction!

(Michael Henasey) #9

E to bring up the workout window

(Ronnie Carloni [TX]) #10

Hit tab during a workout and it will jump for the next step i.e. rest, effort or cool down. Found it but mistake and ended up finishing earlier than planned. At least I’ve learned.

PS: shift+tab does not work for going back to the previous step. I’ve tried that too.

(Michael Henasey) #11

+/- doesn’t work for me when trying to increase or decrease trainer resistance. It works from the app. I am using a keyboard without a Num pad so I don’t have dedicated +/- keys. I have to access them by using the Shift key. Has anyone had this working from the keyboard?

(David Derbyshire) #12

Type P to enter promo codes for kit etc.

(. Ogies Izak In OZ) #13

Question regarding how to get back to your own rider if you click on another rider,  not answered yet,  it seems.

Just click the orange arrow, bottom left of the screen.

(Dawid Els ZSUN) #14

I am very new in the game: but I see you have option to turn left or to keep straight. How do I control that, as my handlebars do not want to turn on the trainer :slight_smile:   

(Jeff Foy) #15

To control your turn options, just use the left or right arrow to choose which one you want (orange box highlighting the current seletion).

(Bill palmer(ZBR)) #16

I’ve been off since April,got back on today,no one was group texting,is it not allowed in London or did i have it turned off?

(Rea Dy) #17

Do you know a keyboard shortcut to take a lap?

(Larry Moray HAPPY TOOTH) #18

I used to use the ‘companion’ app on my iPhone to do much of this and more, but now the app doesn’t seem to be connecting to my live feed. Anyone else having this issue and if so why?? Is there a fix or does the companion app no longer serve this purpose?? Thx