Full 21:9 support

I realise that utra wide support was only added the update before last so it’s early days but since I’ve got my monitor now I’d like to put in a feature request for an option to move the on screen elements to the far sides of the screen?


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Yes, would be nice.  

Would be good to be able to drag and drop any of the elements to wherever you want.

As well as customize the contents of the data fields.

And to selectively hide the ones you don’t wish to see.

And even resize the elements!

Yes. Good idea

I like Mark’s idea, but I would like to add that we have the option to either have it on the edge of the screen or like the current option. I notice if you have 3 screens then the current setup is perfect. 



I’d like to see support for specifically selecting your monitor resolution rather than just 1080p, 1440