(Thomas Niklasson) #1

Where can I see the FTP set in Zwift? It has flashed on the screen after some races but want to see it again. 

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

If you go into Workout mode (press E) that should show it. Or if you edit your details (press Pen icon on pause screen).

(Chris Tomasini) #3

Is there a place to see your FTP history? I.E. so that you could see your progression from your first FTP test to your most recent one?

If not… that would be very (very!) useful.


(Chris Tomasini) #4

Actually, a related question that I’ll squeeze into this thread… is there any way to see and manipulate your data… i.e. if I wanted a monthly breakdown of km’s biked, calories burnt etc… “burned X calories in Nov, Y calories in Dec”… etc etc.

That would be super-cool too.

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #5

I found the best way to look at my data is to download the .fit file and then import it into Golden Cheetah. Golden Cheetah is a free download and a great way to follow power data

(Diederik Westerhof [X] CVR (B)) #6

It would be useful to show the FTP also on the internet (My Zwift) instead of having to open the app.

After Zwift proposes to use the new higher FTP value you have to be rather quick before the app shuts down. Would be nice if the proposal is save as well.


Also would like to keep the history

(Mark Ferris) #7

I agree 100%

(Alexandro Carrasquedo) #8

doing what Daren Chandisingh said, you only get the ftp from your last ftp test, but not the last ftp Zwift suggests after doing a hard workout. When it says “your new ftp is xxx, would you like to update it?” i don’t know where it updates the ftp. it would be really nice to have a history of ftp of each ride … and i don’t think it is that hard to implement.

(Alisdair Cruchley) #9

It would be great to easily access the FTP score - I’ll try the pressing E method.  But it would be great to see how your scores compare over time and be able to keep the history.

(Mollie Daugherty) #10

can i see my ftp history?  i’d like to see how much i’ve improved over time.  

(David Greenapple) #11

I agree with above.  

It would be useful to show the FTP also on the internet browser-based login to Zwift instead of having to open the App.  Any time I want to review my FTP, I should be able to.  Don’t keep it a secret from me!

And I agree that it comes up too quickly at the end of the ride to ask if you want to update it.  Make it easier to use… :slight_smile: