Ftp wrong when I go to ride a custom workout on Apple TV

Hi, after the latest update I’ve tried to do a custom workout via the Apple TV. When I set up the workout on my IPad my ftp is displayed correctly but when I go to actually ride the workout via the Apple TV the ftp displaying on the custom workout isn’t correct ( ie today it was showing 334 when my ftp is 211). Any ideas how to fix other than going back to my old method of only using custom workouts via the iPad?
Thanks in advance


After testing this we did not find any issues with this feature while syncing the custom workout on an Apple TV, however, it’s very easy to hit the FTP slider bar accidentally on the right side of the workout selection screen on your ATV. You can easily adjust the FTP back to normal by selecting the slider and slide your finger on the touch pad on the ATV remote.

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket with us, and we’ll get back to you!