Ftp very low

I am an avid rider and have also had a Peloton for a few years. I just picked up my Kickr Core last night and jumped on today to do my 45 min ftp test. My peloton ftp is 233, my zwift ftp came back at 157. How is this possible? I have a stages power meter on the bike but for some reason the app doesn’t pedal when the stages is connected. Any input is much appreciated.

Pelotons notoriously read optimistic

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Do you connect the Stages with BT or ANT? Since you’re moving at all, apparently they are connected. Do they results feel way off when doing a normal ride? The gap in the numbers are so big they must be noticed. What do you mean by “the app doesn’t pedal”?

My wife hit 300 watts on a Peloton and she can barely do 50 watts on a Snap.


No wonder Peleton is so popular :rofl: :rofl:


When I try to connect the Stage PM, it gives me the BT option and not Ant option, so I select the BT option. When I start to pedal the bike just sits on the side of the road and wont move. When I switch it to the Kickr it will get going. I wll try again tonight and see if I can make it work.

Do you have Zwift running on a device with native ANT support or do you have an external ANT-dongle available?

When using the Stages as the Power source do you still have the Kickr as the Controllable?

I do not have an external ANT dongle. To be honest do know what that really is. But will look into it.

Yes the Kick is the Controllable.

Ensure the Kickr is connected via BT as controllable (but without an Ant+ dongle no reason for Ant+ to show). Also ensure the Kickr is not connected to another device (phone, iPad, etc…). Shut off any other BT signals (headphones, etc…).