FTP training countdown stops and starts

Trying out the FTP training. I have a Garmin Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor 2, both of which pick up movement and speed on the devices screen. I started the FTP and it says to start at 7w for 20 mins. I try to hit 7w, just barely pedaling, and the countdown doesn’t start. I pedal up until I’m at about 20w, then the timer starts counting down. I go back to trying for 7w. But after only a few moments, the countdown stops again. I can’t quite figure out when it happens, i.e I drop below a certain speed or wattage. It’s very frustrating to have to keep time myself. Is there a threshold I need to stay in? I have my sensors on and my wheel measurements correct. Somewhat related, even on a “flat” map I can’t seem to get my avatar to go more than 5 mph, when on the device screen it’s clearly picking up more than 5. I’ve tried both on Android and PC and I get the same results. I’ve also tried connecting my sensors via Bluetooth and ANT.

I really want this to work. Thank you!

Hi @Amanda_Crittenden

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What trainer do you have? Did you set the trainer to the correct resistance level as indicated on the pairing screen.

Your bike computer and Zwift will not show the same speed, the bike computer doesn’t know if you are going virtually up or down.

I have a dumb trainer. At the beginning of my post I mentioned my two sensors.