FTP test (short)

(Mario Riso) #1

Three minutes from the end of FtP tests, the software hangs, passes the save menu and then closes without saving in a totally arbitrary.

thanks zwift !!



That is a bummer. Was the available remaining data in your docs? Specifically, Documents/Zwift/Activities on your computer? Are you running, pc, mac, other device? Last, what internet connection do you have? Wifi etc?

Thanks for any information you can share.

(Tyler Shannon) #3

Hi Mario, 

I’m sorry to hear that! 

In case you want to upload your workout to something like Strava, your fit file is saved locally, in your documents folder. 

There are also a few reasons why your game could have crashed. If you’d like to figure that out, I’d be more than happy to open a ticket and help you out, and try to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.