FTP test results, where are these?

(Steve Daniels) #21

I’m a new rider and took the FTP test. First effort was 172w. Then, in two subsequent rides Zwift ‘detected’ after rides (not tests) that my FTP had increased (all good!). I caught a glimpse of the latest effort and saw it had increased to 198w. However, when I opened up my profile (via the ridiculous having to start a new ride non-sense), Zwift had updated it to 370w FTP! - I don’t think so! I manually changed it to 198w. All a bit confusing.


(Jose Saraiva) #22

I really wish I could see my previous sessions, my last FTP and other things easily from the windows application, website or phone app. I guess I will wait for these improvements before I start a paid subscription.

(Joe) #23

Your Zwift FTP is visible in the workouts menu. 

Yes, you can adjust it manually via the slider - but why do that in the first place? If you want higher intensity on a day you’re feeling strong (or less when you aren’t) the +/- buttons on companion app allow you to adjust as a % of FTP in real time w/o affecting your stored FTP.

I don’t really understand why people want Zwift to reinvent the wheel. I’d much rather have the folks at Zwift working to expand and enhance the virtual ‘worlds’, the workout/training programs, online racing etc. than to devote more resources to data management, analysis, etc. - particularly when there are other sites and apps that already do this quite well for free and even better for a small fee (veloviewer PRO is ~ $1/month).

If you want to easily access all of your previous efforts, FTP results, etc. - all you have to do is link your Zwift account to Strava.  It’s simple to do, a basic Strava account is free, and you can quickly locate any ride data you want to review there. 

Want to see your FTP history? [head-scratch]  Maybe I’m nuts, but it’s not that difficult to remember my previous FTP results (because it doesn’t change THAT much between tests and I only take the test maybe a handful of times per year. Besides, all that really matters is your FTP in the present, imo. But anyway…

If you use Strava and you leave the activity names set to the Zwift defaults, you can search for activities with ‘FTP Test’ in the name, then look at the power curve for the activity.  Your power @ 20 min X 0.95 = your Zwift FTP.

Veloviewer goes one further and does the calculation for you:

So many tools exist to do this stuff already, I don’t think we *need* every app to do every single thing… but ymmv.