FTP test results, where are these?

(Vincent Molenveld) #1

This afternoon I did a FTP test. Where can I find the results of myFTP test? I didn’t take a screenshot.

(Werner Jakobsmeier) #2


(Ryan Aldred) #3

Yep - I just completed my FTP workout - I missed the notification on screen, didn’t quite catch if it said 249w or 259w (although most likely the lowest, ha), is there a way to find out what the result was afterwards?

(Jaime Salas) #4

Yea go to your settings and in there i believe it’s ubder your profile. Your new FTP is in there. I had to search for it as well, but I know it’s in the setting under your profile area, just can’t remember exactly where.

(Tom Hammarberg (Sz) Tri) #5

Search here in the knowledge base and you find it.

(Andy Spratley) #6

The Settings page doesn’t reflect a Profile option. Just reflects a General configuration to fill name, age, DOB, height, weight, etc.  When I select “My Profile” from the drop down nothing happens.

But, in addition to where is the FTP information stored on Zwift, where are the workout details?  All I see is an overall workout detail.  There should be a breakdown associated to each segment of the workouts.  Where are those details?

(Andy Spratley) #7


(Alan Hall) #8


Surely this information should be available from the ‘My Swift’ website. Apologies if it is and I just can’t find it - If that is the case just where EXACTLY is it???


(Andy Spratley) #9

Oddly, you can only see it within the Zwift application. After logging into the application, pair whatever devices, select “OK”, select whatever ride type, select “RIDE”.

Once in, lower left-hand corner is a turn arrow, select it and that brings up the program interface shown in the above link.  Just below your name is a box with a pencil, select it to bring up your profile and there you will see your FTP.  Note it cannot be manually manipulated.  It can only be reset via another FTP test ride.

(Alan Hall) #10


Thanks for that it does seem odd that it’s not visible from the website as even accessing it as you described seem a little clunky in the least.  A feature request perhaps?

(Andy Spratley) #11

btw, slight correction. Once within the Zwift application, if you do a workout vice a straight ride, the workout is based on your established FTP; but, there is a slider in the workout section that allows you to adjust the FTP.

So, if you want to do the 12 week FTP builder, you would set it to your goal FTP and then do all of the workouts based on the goal FTP.

(Charlie Japadermawan) #12

It seems that I can actually edit my FTP, despite I have just finished the Test, anyone has the same experience?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #13

Hi Charlie,

Your FTP is always editable. I mean, if it increases after a workout outside or via a coach outside of Zwift, you need to be able to do this to keep your workouts IN Zwift accurate. :slight_smile:

(Andrew Garside) #14

Hi Eric

Maybe a page of analytical on the website, a graph of FTP etc for each ride would be cool then dont have to keep a manual log to see what my FTP was the month before etc… 


And when doing FTP test why include the climb and against PB when the gradients are not being replicated on the smart trainer as they would when just riding normally. Kind of taints the PRs etc as I bombed up the top of the mountain but it was like riding on the flat.





(JB B. Kayak) #15

HI, just looking for the graph that it showed me at the end of the test.  is it available?  or just a history of my FTP totals from the past?  please, I’d love to see progress.

(Ko Fujimura RCC) #16

I am wondering the same… why is it so hard to see the hard results you just put in…

(Henry Lee WBR (B)) #17

Agreed - pointless using Zwift as a training tool if there is no way to look back over your training sessions, FTP tests included and analyse the data…

(Paul Allen) #18


This can be done using Strava, TrainingPeaks or other site, but Zwift plans on improvements to the Website that should include this.

Also, with today’s update you can see more data after the ride: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001648926-What-s-new-on-Zwift-3-30-1-0-17198-


(Steve Achelis) #19

It does seem bizarre that I have to run the app (not visit the website) and start a ride before I can see (or change) my FTP setting. 

(# Arne De Beer) #20

so this means that zwift calculates your FTP,
but you can edit the value and then loose track of your real FTP ?