FTP test - morning or evening?

as I will be doing most of my Zwift training sessions in the evening when all kids are asleep and I have some time, I wonder if I should also do my FTP test on an evening when my “energy/achievable power output” are comparable?
I have done my last FTP test well rested on a Sunday morning but of course I have a lot more to give compared to an evening after a long day at work and other activities ongoing.

Any tips/advise/experience?


yes, do your testing during your regular training period

You’ll probably get the best result doing the test when your legs are fresh. I avoid long/hard workouts for 2 days before testing, but it depends on your body.

the biggest number is not necessarily the best result though, if you’re planning on basing future training around that number. it’s best to test it during the time you are going to be training with it