FTP (short) workout power not measured correctly

Hi there, 

I have an issue with the workout FTP Test (Short). Once I need to hit 220+ wattage intervals, the measured power decreases even when I go faster in the same gear. If i measure my watt-output with the tacx utility app than I easily measure 250+ watt. 

I’m using a Tacx Vortex and the IOs app. Pairing all goes well. Climbing mountings on the ‘just ride’ option also works fine. 

I have upgraded the tacx firmware to the newest version. I have switched the tacx on and off for multiple times. I also did that for the blue-tooth pairing. 

Can somebody tell me what I can try to fix this?

This is an issue we’re working to fix on iOS caused by ERG mode getting stuck during the FTP test portion of the workout.

While we continue working on this, you may be able to avoid the issue by either not doing the FTP test in ERG mode or - if you notice your wattage sticking - unpairing and pairing your trainer again.

We appreciate your understanding as we continue working on this!