FTP save

(Neil Richardson) #1

Hi all.

Upon finishing a ride, Zwift notifies me that my FTP has improved and asks if I wish to save it to which I check yes; yet go to my profile (the program actually shuts down after saving and you have to log on again) and the FTP remains as it was prior to riding. Am I missing something?

Cheers all

(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hey, Neil - 

Can you please open a support ticket for me? Put ‘ATTN: Assign to QA Lindsay Ruppert’ in the body and please include your log files from Documents/Zwift/Logs - you can attach all the log.txt files from the folder manually, or zip file the entire Logs folder and attach that.

Your logs will give us a much better idea of why this issue is occurring.

Thanks, and ride on!

(Alex Simmons) #3

Hello, I had the same issue this evening.