FTP not updating (Apple TV 4K)

Have noticed that incorrect power stats have been stored in my ATV 4k Swift account for some time. All value for all the time periods are wrong. Did a hard ride this weekend where my 20 min power was well (~60W) above the previously stored value, and I did not get a “new FTP” message, nor did the value update in the dashboard.
Also, not that this really matters, but with almost 18,000km, my pizza slice tally seems ridiculously low, and lower than it used to be.

Database issues or ATV 4k issues?

What is your current FTP.

FTP = 0.95 x 20min power.


6 months or so ago, Zwift changed all my power values to ones well below what were previously recorded.20 min power dropped to 208. I recorded 263W for 20 min (part of a 262W 24:52 min effort on the Epic climb this past weekend. Nothing updated after the ride for my stats, including FTP and 20 min power value.