FTP not registering

I’m on week 2/6 of an FTP building plan and have completed 3 sections this week which have registered fine onto my Strava account but have now deleted off my zwift page as if I never did them?….any ideas?

Hi Nicky and welcome

I can see what appears to be week 2 activities in your activity feed including “Strength” that you completed about an hour ago and “Foundation” that you completed 16 hrs ago plus “Tempo” which looks like a Week 2 workout done on 24th (NZ time so possibly 23rd your timezone). I can also see all your week 1 activities.

I’m looking on Companion App. Is it the web page that you are missing the activities?

Thanks for your response, I subsequently discovered I was able to click the ‘I did it’ button which I’ve done now and am happy it shows i did it that way.

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