“FTP increase” screenshot to be captured via Companion

“FTP increase” is one of the most wanted and shared screenshots, but it’s not possible to make it via Companion like others. You have to switch on your camera and take a picture of your TV screen (I use ATV for Zwifting). Would be great to add the option to Companion.

I’m pretty sure you can take the screen shot using the companion app, as long as you have it on the map screen. I use it all the time.


You can use the companion app to take photos.

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Do you use iOS or Android? And I’m talking about specific screen.
I use iPhone.
When “FTP increase” notice appears on TV screen, it also appears on iPhone but without numbers. This screen doesn’t allow access to “camera” button in Companion. If I push “X” or “Oh Yeah” buttons it disappears both from TV and iPhone.
All other screenshots are easy to take but this one not.

I have android but I never saw the FTP increase or any other achievement popup on the Companion app.

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I’m not about all photos but specifically FTP increase. This is the only popup which appears on iPhone screen of Companion app.

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It should be the same process as you use when taking a picture of your ride report.

Maybe iPhone is a bit different, but with the amount of FTP screen shots on FB I think there must be a way to do it on iPhone.

If you look at FB posts carefully you’ll see that many of it (I’d even say most) are taken by camera, not a screenshot feature.

Still not possible (March 2021). The screen in ZCA has a dialog with the ftp increase just like the AppleTV screen. You have to dismiss the FTP increase message to get to the camera, but closing it dismisses the FTP increase from both ZCA and the AppleTV. Super frustrating.

This is still an issue.

I had the new FTP screen then took @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ very helpful suggestion above to use companion app photo feature and it closed the new FTP screen without getting a screenshot. :angry:

Can this please be fixed, or have zwift automatically capture this screenshot please?

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O no :astonished: that is no fun.

It was Makuri as well, new FTP (only 216w but I’ll take it given all the hell this year) but then typical Makuri undulations for the cool down to get the route badge. Ouch ouch ouch! :rofl:

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I just ran into this as well. Pressed the camera icon in Companion (Android) at least 3 times, but didn’t get a screenshot of the FTP increase screen.

Maybe this belongs in Bugs. I’m not sure if it’s deliberate or not.