FTP during race

Can you add extra miles on to the end of a race? Actually, I want to add extra time.

The WBR 1 lap flat route seems be a great motivation for a FTP test but 1 flat lap is less than 20 min.

Can I just keep going to complete 20 min?

I’m going to find out on my next off day but I thought I would ask.

Also, if I lower my current FTP in the settings, will my new effort during the race up date my FTP(if greater) or does the program follow my historical best even if it was back in Spring.

I want to see what all this real world riding has done to my FTP.

You can just keep on riding to get to 20 min.

_ BUT _ just doing 20min all out effort is _ NOT _ a FTP test it is a 20 min power test. 

If you want to get your FTP you need to follow the FTP test protocol/program as intended. http://www.hunterallenpowerblog.com/2013/01/what-is-ftp.html  and http://www.hunterallenpowerblog.com/2018/02/what-to-expect-your-first-ftp-test.html

Or do the FTP test in the workout section.

Indeed, you can continue riding after a race.

If you outperform your current FTP significantly, you should be asked if you’d like to update your FTP. The update shouldn’t be based on historical numbers; it should be based on your current FTP. If you’d like to force an FTP update, you can lower it significantly prior to your ride.

However (and that’s a pretty big however), the updated FTP probably won’t be anywhere near as good a measurement for comparison against other cyclists. FTP as a metric depends on a similar (ideally identical) warmup period prior to the test, so for best results we recommend taking one of the included FTP tests.