FTP ... Do I need to do a new test?

Hi All,

Taken the plunge and upgraded from a wheel on Taxc Flow Smart trainer to a Jetblack Volt (given that it will be at least another month before there are any more Hubs available) and so far loving how much better it is. I can even do a workout without changing gear now which is a lot less distracting.

Thing is, I seem to remember reading that the Flow Smart has a tendency to overread on the power compared to DD trainers and am now wondering whether I need to redo my FTP test. I am a couple of weeks into the Build Me Up Training Plan, and did a ramp test immediately before starting it. My workout yesterday (Mishmash) was hard, and I had to take a couple of short breaks to catch my breath and lower my HR a little. Figured I was probably just coming at it too soon after the Yellow Unicorn, which I did on Monday and was tired, but the Unicorn was done on the Flow and Mishmash on the Volt.

Would it be a good idea to run another ramp test before carrying on just to reset my FTP based on the new trainer’s power output?


I would say yes, maybe do the ramp test in place of one of the hard workouts in your plan and make sure you are well rested before the ramp test.

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Always retest and use the new FTP when changing equipment. :+1:

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Yes new FTP and good luck