FTP BUilder

(Fouad Ata) #1


I did an FTP test and i am following the 10-12 weeks FTP Builder program.


What is the % of improvment that i should expect at the end of the program?


P.S. I am following the program strictly with no errors



(Jeroen P) #2

That will depend on a lot of factors. Especially your current fitness levels. If this program generates more training load than what you are used to, your fitness will go up, when it is less, your fitness will go down.

Week 1 is ~4 hours in total with 124TSS (look at the “stress points”). If you are used of doing 100 stress points per week, your fitness will go up. If you are used of doing more, your fitness will go down.

Percentage FTP rise is not possible to say without knowing your background.

(Fouad Ata) #3

Thx for your reply,


So if i am suffering withing the program it should be a good sign.