FTP Builder Watts question

I have a question about the 6 week FTP Builder. Not that important I guess, but in the strength workout they have me doing 10 seconds @375 Watts (FTP for me is I think 235). That is 10 seconds immediately after 1:50 @125W.

My question is, should I target 375 Watts? If I do I can get a gold star. But the text on the screen says things like “give it all you got” and “max effort”. If I do that I can hit 500+ Watts, but at the expense of no gold star. Which is the right way to approach this? Try for 375W (which is pretty easy for only 10 seconds) or max effort?

And by the way if I ramp up too soon approaching the 10 second interval I get half a star for my rest interval. But it’s really hard to instantly go to 375W from 125W! I only have 10 seconds effort after all!

Any guidance? Thank you.


In my thinking, stars are nice but an increase in ftp is nicer.

Absolutely agree that FTP increase is nicer, but trying to do the program optimally. Should I go all out for 10 seconds? Makes sense to me, but then why have such a “low” Watt target?

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I found this thread while searching for exactly the same question…but at a somewhat lower FTP… :joy: I guess I will continue to “full out” and forget the gold stars…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: