FTP Builder Day 1 workout

I did the FTP test earlier this week, and it yielded an FTP of 207W, quite similar to my “real world” road test result of 210W. Today I logged on and selected the FTP Builder Day 1 workout, which turned out to be 

10min warm up

5 sets of 4min intervals at 145W, with 2min rest at 110W in between

10 minutes warm down. 

Since 145W is approximately 70% of my FTP, and since 4 minutes is a very short period of time, I am not sure if I’ve done something wrong (was I supposed to fill in a form somewhere with my FTP test results, or does the app know it?), or whether there is a calculation error somewhere in the program formatting the workouts to each individual rider.

All in all, I find the workout format quite engaging, and I like the stargate like arcs marking each interval. It is a fantastic concept … but in terms of the “numbers” part of the experience, something seems to be missing. 

Please let me know if I am the one missing the something !

Thanks for creating this neat new training aid, 



It’s not exactly obvious but there is a place to set FTP. When you select a workout from the workout screen you get a “profile” of the workout on the right hand side. On the far right of the workout profile is a vertical slider with a horizontal line that shows the currently-set (probably default, in your case) FTP. There’s an orange “handle” on the right that you can click on and drag the slider up or down to change the FTP setting. See attached image. Hope this helps!

I did the same workout and had the same concerns, my numbers were different but still not exactly taxing.  I can only assume it’s breaking us in gently and it’ll ramp up as the days go on.

If it stays too easy I’ll up my FTP a bit I reckon.

Thanks for the comments.

When I selected the workout, the drag-able FTP toggle was set at my FTP. So if that is the only FTP input field / selection moment, then the 145W “intervals”  were intentional. More recently, I have done the day 3 FTP builder, and it was harder - 10 second intervals at 175% of FTP - so either something was changed behind the scenes after the first day or two, or the Builder Day 1 really was supposed to be a recovery ride.

It seems a little like getting used to a new coach - new workouts that make you ask “and why am I doing this?”, and the requirement of patience and the long view to see how an individual day fits into the big picture of training.

A bit more exploration required in order to see how this might work for me - but one of the undeniable joys of Zwift is that the dullness of trainer time is broken up by humorous touches like the Halloween pirate skeleton avatars. The creativeness of the developers is definitely keeping me engaged.

Madeleine Kraus

Agreed, Madeleine.  I’m starting week 2 of the 12 week FTP Builder and have been questioning the workouts.  If we’re going somewhere with this, great.  If I’m sitting on a bike in a basement for 5 hours/week and not improving, I’m going to feel pretty foolish. :slight_smile:

Looking through the workouts in this plan yesterday, it seems to me like this entire workout plan is geared toward someone who’s either not used to structured training or is returning to training after a long time away.

The plan seems to go through a very careful process of first introducing intervals, starting with easy endurance-paced work, then gradually extending the time at that work load before introducing short efforts at the next harder zone, then going through a process of lengthening the time in zone, then doing it again at the next zone up. Rinse and repeat.

I believe the plan would be effective for the right phase of training (i.e. resuming training after a winter off the bike), but I think anyone who’s already used to working at intensity, used to training, and has decent form would find the first 4 or 5 weeks at least to be not what they wanted or needed.

It really seems like more of a “starting at ground zero” kind of plan to me.

Interesting observation Noel.  Maybe I’ll jump forward to week 5/6 on the next ride.

Lots of helpful input. After a couple of days of riding the program as it was given, I rather boldly moved the FTP toggle up from 207 to 265W and did the FTP Builder Day 5 - Optional work out (7x3min intervals with 2 minutes rest in between). These took me to Zone 4 (190W) for the on part of the interval, and based on perceived effort and where the HR went they feel like the sort of intervals that would build FTP. (I should probably point out that I am a 50+ female rider and there is no way my FTP is 265W, and there is also no way that 145W constitutes a work interval in my current fitness level)

In the future, I think I will look at the interval duration, and then move the FTP toggle so that the top of the interval bar falls where it should relative to the FTP (i.e. intervals shorter than 10 minutes should be >90 of FTP, and intervals longer than 20 minutes should be 80-85% or so of FTP.

Still happy, 

As ever, 

I bumped my FTP slider up this morning by 20%, stuck with week 2/day 2 workout.  Closer to what I’d expect for a “building” workout.  Think I’ll push it up another 10% for the next ride.


Maybe the FTP setting is an aspiration goal. :slight_smile:

That’s what I was wondering - whether the FTP entry is a “target FTP” rather than current FTP, after looking at the 12 weeks worth of workouts as a whole.

I am interested in this too. I was considering starting the 12 week training program but wanted to make sure my time is well spent. Not sure if I should start at week 5, raise my ftp by x %, or enter some optimistic “target FTP”.

Any official word would be appreciated.

+1 on being interested in a response. I’ve done week 1 and halfway through week 4, and most of the intervals seem to be at circa 70% FTP whereas the theory that I am aware of puts the best ‘FTP building’ zone at 88% to 95% of FTP (sweet spot). The workouts definitely seem easier than other training plans, albeit week 2 is starting to get slightly harder than week 1.

The FTP build program is good, and I intend to keep doing it, I would just like some kind of response as to its effectiveness and what it is based on / intended for etc.

I think that the set point for the intervals is low for me, and it sounds like they seem low for other riders as well. The good news is, it is easy for experienced riders to toggle the FTP bar up to put the top of the intervals in the right location for the exact type of workout he/she wants to do. I have been toggling up to get the 3-5min intervals at 100 - 105% of my true FTP, but keeping it at ~90% of my true FTP for longer intervals or sets with more than 6 intervals in them.

While I don’t know the developer’s thought process, I suspect that they were proposing this set of workouts as the first ever workouts training with power that a rider might do, and a cautious approach from the low end is safer and more likely to encourage return rides than having someone overextend themselves the first time out.

IOW, it looks like everyone is figuring out what to do to translate the template into something useful for themselves.

Ride on!

I did week 1 day 1 yesterday and It wasn’t particularly hard, so I have the same questions.

I’ve used traineroad plans before and they have a mix of endurance and interval training etc so I’m wondering if this program is designed to build some aerobic base as well as sweet spot and intervals.

I would like to continue with it, but as with most people we want to know if the particular plan we are on will suit our needs.

if it is the case that the programme has been carefully tailored so that it is sustainable for the user and working out in all the most useful power/HR zones based on FTP then I’d rather not increase the intensity.

Would be really useful if there was a page on the website with full details on the plans and what they are designed to do.

Anyone from Zwift able to say if this is for beginners or beneficial to someone who already trains several days a week?






Same here. I was doing the Gorby workout and dig it. I even wanted to up it some. But I decided I needed to build my FTP before I move on so I started the 12 week plan. 

I did day one and it was way too easy. I looked at the rest of the workouts in this plan and they all seem too easy, even at the end of the program. 

What do I do? Do I change my FTP up to a certain percentage, or do I change the workouts up a certain percentage everyday? I’m new to training so I don’t remember what zone I should be, and the sweet spot and all that. 

Zwift, help us! 

Here’s a “me too”. The first two workouts gave me only 33 and 44 TSS. A friend of mine, experienced in time-trail and structured training, said that the key workouts in a plan should be at least 100 TSS.

Pinotti must have thought of something. After taking a glance at the entire 12 weeks, I start to get the feeling that you should position the FTP slider on the level you aim at after the 12 weeks.

Indeed, a comment from Zwift or Pinotti would be appriciated.

All interesting thoughts and observations. It will be interesting to hear what the developers say - they are the only ones privy to the design of workouts. It sounds, though, like people have been successful in taking the FTP toggle into their own hands to define their Zwift WorkOutFTP. As long as you do it incrementally (e.g. in 5% steps), it is probably a safe thing.

I am thinking Zwift WorkOutFTP is kind of like weight - when I ride on the moon, I weigh 83% less than when I ride on earth, and when I ride on Neptune, I weigh 12% more … (that is a nerdy relativism joke hahaha)



I’m in week 3, am doing well by setting the target at 30% above my current FTP. 


Agree with everyone, would love to hear from Zwift on this. Just guidance on intent would be fine. 

I was remiss on my last post - nerdy relativism jokes are the best kind of relativism jokes, Madeleine! Very funny. :slight_smile:

I just went back to TrainerRoad because of the lack of response to the workouts.

Zwift is fun and I enjoy it, but I’m not going to devote 12 weeks and my money for something that users have to guess at. Hopefully Zwift realizes the importance of this. I’m past the eye candy.

I really wish it would come together because it is a lot more fun doing a workout with other riders around rather than looking at a chart.