FTP and full gas sprint watts

Hello what is your ftp and how much watts can you produce on a sprint full gas

My ftp is 197 and my best wattage is around 1300. Good legs but not the lungs to match.

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Absolute numbers do no matter. You really should be looking at the w/kg figure.

So my FTP is 3.8 w/kg and my current peak sprint power is about 13w/kg.

I’m happy with those numbers as i prefer climbing. I would really like to improve my 1 minute power though as that would help to put club mates in the hurt locker at the bottom of climbs!

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looks like everyone can hit at least 1,000watts on their sprints. my w/k at the moment is 2.7w/k, I could only do 800watts on my sprints.

FTP is 190 W, my highest sprinting power so far is 530 W.

(2.5 and 7.1 W/kg)

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FTP: 2.8 w/kg. Sprint: 7.5 w/kg.

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My FTP is 286 W or 4 W/kg, my highest sprinting power is just over 1200 W or 17 W/kg on a Kickr Core.

I’m actually using my MTB on the trainer and have the impression I’m running a little short on gears when I’m all out sprinting. Also the fork compresses a bit (although it’s locked out) which might make me lose a couple of W…

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