From dumb to smart Tacx - remove old achievements

So i’ve had lots of fun on Zwift for the last few weeks, on my simple Tacx, using a cadence, speed and HRM-sensor.

Now i’ve replaced my Tacx with a smart Tacx, which has a Watt meter built in, i can see that my old rides had a way too high guessed wattage. So it’s unable to beat my records from now on. Is there a way to reset my records? I’ve already removed my rides from Strava and re-entered them manually, for the sake of realistic PR’s in the future.

Is there a solution for this? If the only solution would be throwing away my account and creating a new one, that would be a bummer, since i am using the free 60-day period via Strava Premium on this account.

I haven’t seen how to do this either.  I did the same as you with Strava - just re-entered pre-Vortex rides manually so that the distance figures were there but basically resetting all my segment and power results.

I’d like to know how to reset/remove achievements as well. I set up my Wahoo KICKR (had some issues with technology but got it working), did one easy tempo ride and it’s telling me I achieved 500,600,700,800,900,1000,1100,1200 Watts. NOT possible.

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