Friend Notes To Help Us Remember Friend Details and Be Better Friends


(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #1

To improve our new Zwift friendships and growing list of virtual friends, I could really use some help in remembering small details about each of them. I love the recent Companion feature regarding activity notes and wonder if a similar feature could be added with regard to each Zwift friend (follower). I could choose to jot down some interesting comments about my new friend, such as “very kind, fell back to assist me after I fell out of group” or “also a big fan of Clemson Tigers”, etc. This would enrich my future conversations and interaction with my new friends. I now have many friends and can’t recall exactly why. Maybe we could even see a list of rides/events in which we rode with that individual as well as our chat history. Since Zwift is so social, this improvement seems natural.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

That is an interesting request, never thought of this, but it make a lot of sense. voted. :slight_smile:

(Alex Fuller|all3sports) #3

I like this - LinkedIn has this feature to note how you know that person.

Maybe you could put a short bio up as well so people can have something to talk to you about.

(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #4

Alex, would you throw in your vote? Nice idea on the bio?

(Alex Fuller|all3sports) #5

You got it :wink:

(Michael Mc Colley) #6

I like this idea too. O p how are you meeting new friends? As a new person to zwift I am wondering how that is done. Are you just striking up conversations with people who are near you? In a group ride?

I have been saving people to favorites who I draft and who have been drafting me for long periods of time. Perhaps that is antisocial. LOL

(Juan Ascoli ZHR(F)) #7

Hi Michael, Group rides promotes conversation since everyone is working towards a common goal there. It’s much like the real world. I often bump into the same folks during weekly group rides. I’m also more appreciative of others who are willing to help me out when I’m dragging. I’ve also learned many folks prefer to keep to themselves and that’s all good too. Somewhere in all that is a fine line between being friendly and stalking. :slight_smile: