Friend/Followed Zwifter Intercept

Was thinking this morning after finishing a workout and noticing one of my friends was on the same world that i would try to find him. Its actually quite hard if the friend isn’t within a certain distance from you.

So i was thinking a Friend Intercept would be a cool feature. I know there are meetups but this would be more for finding a friend while already on the world/circuit. This could work in a number of ways but ideally from the followed zwifters screen on the companion app you could choose to ‘Intercept’

Then the zwift brains could do one of two things:

1: Ride in a type of GPS mode that plots the quickest route on the world to intercept your selected friend then, once intercepted, just follows his/her turns.

2: Routes onto the circuit the chosen friend is currently on in the same world and the rides it in the opposite direction until within a certain distance of the friend and then does a u-turn for the intercept and follows his/her turns

This would be then far easier to locate and ride with a friend (perhaps hi-lighted by the yellow beacon once chosen) while already on the world instead of having to whatsapp each other to find out where they are and work out how to find them?

Even just a popup map showing your friends.

I use on a second screen, it show all my friends on a real time map. I wish Zwift will make an API so that developers like Jesper can do more cool things like this.

You can also use it has less features and is web based.