Freezing on home screen

I have been having freezing on the home the home screen intermittently for a few months, this can be either when first loading up or when I have completed an event. Today it froze as I logged in for the first time, so I forced shut down (X in the corner and restarted my computer). When I went into again I noticed the event boxes at the top had changed from yesterday (tour of Watopia removed). I then rode the Neokyo series event, once that had completed When I went back to the home screen which locked up again the event boxes not loading up (I think it happens when the data in or the event boxes is changed as my % completion for that event would have changed), this also happened last week I tried to do the academy long workout on Thursday due to the freezing home screen I could not get into the event in time, (I did that another day). I had a update last week that seamed to work ok since (this issue has been going on for a couple of months), I don’t have video screenshots on. The home screen issue only seams to happen in riding and not running. I use windows 11. If anyone has a work round or a solution it would be I deal Thanks