Freezes and Lost Progress

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Crashes are not normal. My guess the issue is on your side. Can you give us a full rundown of your setup to see if we can assist you in resolving your issues.

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All of those are mostly likely running on a system that is at or below minimum specs.

In over 6 years of being on Zwift I have never had it crash, not even once.

I guess you are not going to post a full rundown of your setup to see if we can find any issues with it.

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Hi @Jason_Williams6

That should not be normal. In over 1,750 hours of riding on Zwift I had two crashes both was due to Nvidia drivers that caused an issue.

There are may helpful user on the forum that would like to help find your issue.

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We might be able to assist you if you post a full rundown of your setup.

Everyone here are trying to assist, which is "a good thing"™.

At the same time, your point is completely valid - there is no reason Zwift cannot continue a crashed session (or upload such.)

This has been asked for numerous times in the past, and is always met with the same response: silence.

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I don’t think this is a trivial task although I agree it will be nice. There is not many games that will save your progress if your system crash.

They did add a function that will keep a running .fit file so you don’t loose all your training progress in a crash event.

The running FIT file has existed for as long as I remember…

… and we (forum dwellers…) are yet to see even the most trivial of requested features implemented (well, we have seen a couple, but you get my drift.)

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I honestly can’t think of one…

But even if Zwift did save your progress, wouldn’t the best option be figuring out the root cause of your crashes rather than constantly having to resume your activity?

Zwift works on numerous platforms with numerous different types of hardware (trainers, speed sensors, HRM, etc.). There must be thousands of different combinations. You can’t seriously expect Zwift to ensure your specific combination works with over 3 million individual subscribers? That sounds like a pretty tall order to me.

My advice, figure out the root cause of the crashes. We are here to help, if you want it…


The equivalent Reddit thread is similarly pointless, with the OP making friends by jumping down the throat of anyone offering to help, or daring to advise that they have a different experience. Might as well lock this.

PS: In a shocking turn of events, it’s a [presumably dump] laptop.

PPS: Turns out he’s been on Zwift approximately two days. Insert Seinfeld gif here.

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It seem like this topic is going south.

I am closing this topic for a cool off period.

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