Freeze up while taking a picture

I froze up 3 or so km from the end of TdZwift stage 1 this morning.

Tacx Neo
Bontrager HRM
Samsung Galaxy tab S3

Everything has paired up and worked fine for the past week. Up until this morning, I’ve only just ridden a course, learning my way around the various worlds. Today was my first “event”.

All was going well until I tried to use the camera function to take a cool shot. I instantly lost power and cadence, (Heart Rate stayed paired). I was unable to re-pair the tacx. Fortunately the part of the ride I did I was able to save, and that uploaded to Strava, etc. as expected.

Android on my Samsung was always a short term plan. I’ve set up an Apple TV box this evening, and all seems to function fine. I’ll see how well the companion app on Android pairs up with everything else. At least I’ll do that AFTER I successfully complete TdZwift Stage 1 tomorrow morning.



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