Freewheel and downhill

(R. van Aalst KISS (C)) #1

I am of the opinion that the freewheel and downhill are not accuratly simulated. I have a “wahoo kickr power trainer” and i have edited my body measure accurately. 

My observation is that when i am cruising on a flat road around 30 km/h my virtual bike is reaches the 0 km/h much earlier than i am experiencing in real life (i.e. on the road outdoors, but also in my kickr trainer). My “wheel” in the kickr is still rotating whil my virtual bike stopped. 

In line with this when doing downhill (e.g. -7%) in real life i have to use the brakes to limit my speed below 35/40km/h. In the Zwift simulator i need to push the pedals to keep the speed above 40km/h. 

Zwift, did you receive this kind of feedback already from other users?