Free Ride Workout - No Points :(

(Michael Henasey) #1

I did the 12wk FTP Builder - Week 8 - Day 5 workout which consisted of a 45 min. free ride.

I rode the entire 45 min. in about 11+ miles and when I went through the portal and the workout ended, I believe I wasn’t awarded any points. I was expecting about 330 pts. (11 mi. x 30 pt/mi. = 330).

Is there any way for Zwift to check up on this or look this up? The log file doesn’t have any information about points.


(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #2

Did you ever get an answer for this?  Are the only points awarded during a workout from completing each section, rather than for mileage?

(Michael Henasey) #3

never did get an answer but I would say that points are awarded loosely based on (1) getting a star and (2) the number of km/mi you completed per star.


(Mathew Bittleston) #4

Same thing just happened to me for a 32.9km workout. It says “completed”, but no points :frowning:

I’ll steer well clear of ‘free ride’ workouts now: This is an annoying bug.

(Robert Ast) #5

Also happens if you keep riding after a workout. I added an hour after a Zwift group workout and did not get any power-ups or xp points for passing under the portals.

(A. LaZare) #6

Any update? About to do the free ride day of my 4 week ftp booster

(Mathew Bittleston) #7

I contacted support about this, and I was mistaken. They went back and looked at my points totals: It did give XP, but 90% fewer per km than I’d have got for a regular free ride. So, do a regular free ride rather than “free ride” workouts, I guess. Would be nice to know the algorithm they use for awarding XP on workouts.

(A. LaZare) #8

Thanks for the update Mathew!