Free choice of route / Event result tables

One thing which annoys me very much is, that I cannot freely chose my route. As a paying customer I expect, that I can e.g. ride London or Alpe de Zwift whenever I want to. 

Another annoying issue is, that you ride an event where you see a result table at the end, but there is no option to look up the results later on. That makes no sense and is not a good customer service, those things are fundamental for a good customer experience.

Unfortunately I have to say that Zwift does not improve quickly enough. Your competitors are already in the starting blocks and they offer even in beta state all these neat things Zwift is missing. 

I am sorry to say that, but for 15 €/month I can expect more.


Erik - Part of what you are paying for is having a social aspect to riding that is done by keeping the bulk of riders on the same map (Watopia, London or Richmond). Riding the Alpe is supposed to be a training goal to motivate you to ride more to open the that section of road. 

You can find all the results on Most rides and Races are organized by 3rd party teams and volunteers therefore the results are also handled by volenteers. It is neatly packaged by zwiftpower.

Zwift competitors have a long way to go, they are playing catch up. 


Im sorry that you expect more for 15 €/month, you can always go to the other options. Yes I also want to pay less who doesn’t but to keep the wheels turning we have to pay if we want the best product. 

The more you ride the cheaper it gets per hour. :slight_smile:


Hi Erik,

We certainly appreciate your concerns, and I must say that Gerrie hit the nail on the head. Zwift’s primary mission since day 1 has been and remains making indoor cycling/training into a more fun experience.

Zwift is indeed a social platform and one meant to be shared, so it’s only logical that all Zwifters are placed on the same course, which rotates based on the course schedule

It is my observation that racing and competition is not our focus here at Zwift either. You may notice that many Zwift events come with a sort of disclaimer that often appears something like: “This is not a race… Please respect the pace and the ride leader.” By that logic, it’s understandable that any stale post-ride event results would be something that is better handled by members of the community.

Zwift has provided hosting and infrastructure while 3rd party, community managed sites like have taken the reigns when it comes to storing and displaying public “race” results for those Zwifters keen on the aspect of competition. This seems to have worked fairly well up to this point and only time will tell if this is something that will eventually change. 

Zwift really need more fair criticism and less zealous fanboys.  Of course you should be able to see the results after the fact on Zwift.  Its pretty basic stuff. why voted down?


First of all, thank you for your answer. But you have not responded to my criticisms. I am wondering why you talk about racing and competition, for me cycling is a hobby, I do not take part in races. What I was talking about, are artificial limitation like the free choice of the route (not those specials like Alpe du Zwift etc.) - I do not want to ride London five days in a row, because of your course schedule. If I want to ride one of the Watopia routes, I have to “hack” configuration files, that is ridiculous. Please tell us why this limitation still persist, although so many users want freedom of choice ?

And the other thing is, if you show the result table of an event, it is pretty normal, that any participant would like to look up the results later on, why there is no database ? - this is something every user expects, because it is simply logical. A 3rd party solution is not acceptable, it is your task to offer a complete package - by the way, sorry to say that, is pretty faultily and it is not a pleasure to use, because you have to tweak user names etc.

Why do you leave such simple improvements to a third party sites and not implement them yourself? As Zwift user (and not only me) I expect those logical improvements. 

Sometimes i get the impression that you forget that we pay for your service - you have a responsibility to your customers


@Gerrie Delport TeamODZ (C) 

 > Zwift competitors have a long way to go, they are playing catch up. 

I am Beta tester, believe me, I know what I am talking about.

> Im sorry that you expect more for 15 €/month, you can always go to the other

You forget to mention the 20% increase in price - I guess it is pretty normal to expect improvements - especially those cheap, little ones I am talking about.

@lukas ranicar XRS (B) 9135

> Zwift really need more fair criticism and less zealous fanboys.

I absolutely agree with you - thank you.