Free choice of course (watopia or richmond)

(Andreas Fichtner) #1

Why is it not possible, that every rider is able to choice, which course he would ride ?

I, for example, can often only ride on thursday. And i like to ride “the pretzel” or the mountain stage.

But that is not possible on thursdays.

Is this planned for futuer ?



(Paul Allen) #2

You can edit a file or change the date on your computer to ride whatever course you want on any day, but Zwift does not recommend doing that. They have posted numerous times that they are working on that feature.

(. TomH..) #3

Hi Andreas, 

I’m sorry to hear, unfortunately that’s the way it is at the moment. The good news is, as Paul pointed out, that we are looking into it and trying to find the best way, you should be able to choose the course in future, however this is a long term plan so I have no ETA for this one. 

Thank you very much for your inquiry, stay tuned and Ride On!


(Andrew Jarrod) #4

Hi TomH.

What’s really going on here.?  This has been on Zwifts radar since Richmond was added.  It was promised for (or soon after) the live release.  It’s a very simple coding addition (people on the forums have even written simple programmes to do it).  So what’s the real reason Zwift are avoiding it ?


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Hi Andrew,

It’s not as simple as you think but it’s in our pipeline. Not much else I can say. We’re definitely not avoiding it and keeping it on our radar :slight_smile:


(Andrew Jarrod) #6

Hi Eric.  Thanks for the reply and noone knows this software like you do. I only reply (again) because this is a key change I’ve waited for since beta.

Tom’s reply states this is “long term with no ETA”, and despite yourself saying it’s not simple, it is as technically easy as adding 1 short line to the pref.xml file.  So this is probably the easiest change you have on your radar.

Therefore it’s not easy for some other reason that you aren’t discussing.  Probably that it goes against the company ethos of keeping everyone in one place ?  In which case this feature won’t ever be coming until the user base increases enough to populate many worlds.

(Scott) #7

Hey Andrew - I’ll jump in here to add some background. Maintaining critical mass is definitely a consideration, but actually the experience we’re looking to deliver is much bigger and harder than changing one line of code in the XML file.

Sure, this little trick allows you to force a course selection. What it doesn’t do is present you with a nice UI upon startup with all the relevant info to make a choice about where to ride - how many of your friends are on which course, what events are where, etc - nor does it really and truly separate you in the new world isolating chat etc. We think the experience we’re planning will be great. But, we’re a small team and for the moment, it’s taken a back seat in priority to the events module. 

Hope this helps clarify. Thanks for your support and Ride On.


(Andrew Jarrod) #8

Hi Scott.  Thanks for the reply and that certainly clears up why this is taking so long and is not on the top priority.  Whilst all the items you discuss sound great they are non-essential.

Extensive course information will become necessary as further worlds are added, but right now most users understand the difference between Richmond and Watopia and a simple mouseover description is enough to fill any gaps.

Knowing where friends are would be great, but it’s something for the future too.  Many of us don’t even have that many friends who ride regularly and the ones that do have generally arranged to meet them / know where they are.

Isolating chat.  I’m actually surprised you are suggesting this as I’ve always thought Zwift were aiming to keep everyone together.  In the future I’m sure you will develop chat much more (dedicated channels), which will provide natural segregation and in the meantime I don’t mind riding Watopia and seeing the general “I’m so fast.  I’m doing the Wringer.  My FTP is amazing.  I’m group leader, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down” chat.

So all you suggest will incredible and I can’t wait to see it.  But right now something very simple will do something VERY BIG for a lot of customers.

(Eduardo Cintra) #9

Yes! A LOT OF CUSTOMERS! Waiting patiently…

(Stephen Lau) #10

Still waiting…

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #11

It’s a lot more complicated than one might think, but we are still working on it.


(Mike Prytherch) #12

I’m a software developer as well, so I get the fact its going to be a lot more complex, changing the course would no doubt involve reloading/initialising a lot of internal objects/classes etc. as no doubt lots of this stuff is loaded at startup based upon the calendar, however I do agree with Andrew that the “extra” stuff is a nice to have, for me just implement it in 2 stages, stage 1 just being able to change the course, stage 2 all the extra nice to have stuff (which sounds awesome by the way).  Yes I can edit the XML file but there is hardly anybody on the course so we don’t get the Zwift community feel and that detracts from using it, right now its a toss up, boring London again for 3 days, or an empty Watopia, its just not motivating.

(Dam Cortès) #13

Yes you are right. It is boring London right now and besides raining in the game. I don’t like rain. I want to be in Watopia.

(Alan Rossiter) #14

Is there any update on this possibility? I understand the complexity of having all the bells & whistles in 1 location but there are numerous other competitors popping up now with some real world CGI routes where you can choose your location. I too do not wish to partake in chats but do like to se other riders on the course. Maybe Zwift is the option out there where you are given a route where the USP is the groups and races and others are there for the variability.

Nice to hear of a new route though…Richmond and London are doing my head in after only a few weeks as a member of Zwift.

(Maddog Battin) #15

I want to be able to choose a flat ride. I need to take a break from the hills surrounding my home. Can anybody tell me how I can do this on Zwift?

(Nigel Doyle) #16

Maddog - you have a number of options:

  1. Choose a flat route on any of the courses. They all have flatish routes

  2. Not happy with option 1 then use the world hack to choose the world you want

  3. Drop the trainer difficulty to 0%. Your smart trainer doesn’t then change resistance to match terrain, essentially becoming a dumb trainer

  4. Do a workout in ERG mode on any route. Your smart trainer won’t change resistance to match the course.

(Maddog Battin) #17

Awesome feedback Nigel, I’ll check it out tonight when I get home…

Safe riding