Fränk Schleck Alpe du Zwift Ride

(Mick Such) #1

Dear Zwift.

On completing this fab ride with dear old Frank - who - yes - did finish some 45 minutes before me on the ride, I found that I did not get the spinning wheel and or any prize for completing the ride up.

Is this a mistake or do we not get the prize for this type of ride up ADZ.

If we do not get the prize then I wish it should have been mentioned in the write up for the ride with Frank as I wouldn’t have bothered with all the pain - not to get anything.

If we were meant to get a prize after crossing the finish line - then can I please have one added to my profile.

My other friends who have climbed ADZ several times have stated that they got prizes each time they got up to the top.

On my first climb I got the spotted gloves and was hoping to get something more beneficial this time.

I hope that you can help me and other 169 people who entered the event - Maybe Frank should opt out of any Prize.


Thank you.

(P MAC) #2

So you only rode up there to get a prize on finishing? Just think of the good it did you. That’s a prize in itself.

(Joe Daknis) #3

Don’t feel bad. First time up: I got the gloves.  Second time up: I got… the gloves. Again. 




(P MAC) #4

Seems you need a handkerchief to dry your eyes as a prize. 

(Joe Daknis) #5

I was joking, Paul. Not about getting gloves 2X (that much is true). But… who cares?

Getting to the top in  < 1 hr was prize enough for the day. 

(P MAC) #6

Yep, got 2 x helmets now and don’t wear a helmet on zwift as my avatar is unlikely to hurt itself. 

As you say, the prize is making it to the top as well as the cardiovascular benefit it provides.

The OP wishing he’d never have done the ride because he didn’t receive a prize is bonkers. If he rode the real Alpe D’Huez or any mountain for that matter he’d not get a prize either unless his Mum bought him one I suppose. 


(Nigel Doyle) #7

Pretty sure you don’t get the wheel in group rides. There was no wheel in Stage 3 of the tour of Watopia which went up the mountain. I’ve had the gloves 3 times and the helmet once. Still trying to get the wheels. But in going for the wheels I’ve now got the Climb Alpe du Zwift 5x achievement.

(Zee Kryder) #8

I wore the gloves and the helmet, hoping that would help me get the wheels. it took me four tries. they seem fast uphill.