France Special Course - Champs Elysées

Come on Tour de France organizers. Don’t let the Giro leave you out of touch with Z-cycling. Get your own special Zwift course.

What is more iconic than the Champs Elysées 7 km lap in all of cycling? The most sought after finishing line! Flying past the arc-de-triomph and the De Crillion Fountain, beautiful.

I heard JM say he reads bug reports more than feature requests. So, should I post this under bugs?

I will take this over the bologna suffering any day.



Beautiful Gardens too.

40 year anniversary
Remember 1989?

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What a day! Bring it on Zwift.

Can’t help but tie in a film with the most important color to French cycling…

This would have been better than Crit City. And we can always add Roubaix velodrome too.