Frame and Wheelset tracking in activities

Basically, I want to know what frame and wheelset I was using for each cycling activity. That way, when using Strava or other software, I can compare achievements and see how I’m improving or not, and what’s best to ride for certain routes, group rides or races.

If this was in the .fit file, that would be great, maybe 3rd party tools could extract that. Or better still, having this in the Companion app within the activity.

Whether this is shown privately, or publicly, I’ve not given that much thought. I’m sure people would be interested to look at other riders activities and see what frame/wheel set they used for certain rides.

If there was a dashboard on the game app, or companion app, that allowed you to then filter activities by frame/wheelset, or just see the distance, elevation, time etc with each combo, that would be interesting to see.

Not ridden much in my CAAD12 since unlocking early, but have been known to ride the Alpe on a MTB :wink: