Four Horsemen Reverse is BROKEN

(F J. RaceWBR) #1

Hi guys,

I’ve tried to ride the Four Horsemen on reverse for a change, but this leads the riders along the Hilly Loop… and that’s it.

we had to manually select all turns to make it till the end.

Could you please mention when courses are “Forward” only?


FJ - TeamWBR

(Zee Kryder) #2

Try Zwift Insider. It lists all courses and reverses. 

(Steven D) #3

Hi FJ,

Here’s the information I found from our official resource for Routes and Courses in Zwift

Watopia -  _ Hilly, Flat, Mountain, Mountain 8, and 3 Sisters routes can be ridden in reverse _

Richmond -  _ No Richmond routes can be ridden in reverse _

London -  _ London Loop, Greater London Loop, and part of the Classique can be ridden in reverse _

At this point in time, the Four Horsemen route and segments cannot be ridden in reverse. Thanks!

(Vincent W.) #4

Thanks for the help Zee and F.J. thank you for the suggestion! I’ll forward it over to the dev team. If you have any suggestions for features that aren’t currently in game, feel free to post in our Feature Requests section. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you :slight_smile: