Four Horseman route completed but not badge not earned?

Just finish “Roule ma poule” and was able to get the achivement with 26.4 kilometers instead of 23 and 263 meters of elevation instead of 143 meters … Thanks for your help!

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Since Zwift team "Not able " to award us a badge based on our previous history file / data,
I just holding a magnet and moving around the speedo sensor to create virtual run through the Four Horseman route.
Eventually I unlocked my badge.
Sounds stupid and meaningless right?
Yes Zwfit team forced me do this.


Hey @Courtenay_Lee_Shoy i had the same issue on “Big Foot Hills” route on a group ride i organised at the weekend. The response from the support team was far better though.
The team provided the usual blanket guidance (working in IT you know why they have to do this, most of the time its user error), but the advisor followed up by passing it on to get the route badge “credited” to my account once they confirmed i completed it.
It looks like the support team has changed their approach to resolving this issue so hopefully users will get an appropriate response from now on.

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I have had the same issue with a number of badges not just the long ones. After much back n’ forth with Zwift support we realised that I had Zwift open on my PC (where I decided race/route to join) and on my laptop to watch during the ride. As soon as I switched off the Zwift on my PC and had only one copy open the problem went away. Hope that helps?