Forum "Activity" column listing "pm" instead of "hrs"

Not a big deal, but I noticed the forum activity time somehow switched to showing “PM” instead of “Hours”.

Clearly not a big deal, but thought I’d mention it in case it hasn’t been mentioned.

Here’s a screenshot:

In this screenshot it should be 15 hrs, 17hrs, 18hrs, and 22hrs instead of 15pm, 17pm, 18pm, and 22pm.

Looks fine here:

Oh interesting it’s not the same across the board. For me it shows minutes fine (as an ‘m’), but as soon as it hits hours it switches to PM. Wonder if it’s a localization bug of some form for certain markets. I’m in Canada so maybe the forum settings are set differently.

Here’s a screenshot showing minutes works fine:

I see minutes, hours, days on my forum activity so it doesn’t seem to be a global issue. Has this always shown that way or did it change from “h” to “pm” recently? If it was a recent change, try to press Ctrl+Shift+R to reload the page with fresh cache and see if it helps.

Hey there, I started noticing it a week or so ago. The odd thing is it does not reproduce on my phone, but I see it all the time on my desktop PC. It sounds like others aren’t seeing this, so I wonder if it’s browser specific, or if maybe there’s just an issue with my cache causing problems.

So I see minutes and days no problem, but the forum software substitutes “pm” instead of hours on any forum response (as you can see from the screenshots above) for whatever reason. Very odd.

This is using Edge. I might try another browser to see if it’s only this browser PC that has that issue. It’s 100% repro on it though. If I’m the only one seeing it, then I guess it’s just something random with my machine.

Ok, I did a full logout/login/restart for the forum and now things are back to displaying correctly. Must have been some weird state my machine was in. Looks like it’s back to “h” again instead of “pm”. It’s been like that for a few weeks so it was odd, but it’s fine now :slight_smile:

Ride On. Thanks for letting me know that sorted it out