Forked Roads?

(Al Clewley) #1

On a later version of Zwift, rather than completely different courses aimed at either climbers or flat riders, have a more complex map with forked roads with a 10 second window to choose either Left or Right on the iPhone/iPad companion app to choose either the high or the low road, rural or city route etc. These could be signposted, like sportives, with Green, Blue, Red, Black (Easy - Difficult) routes giving 4 leaderboard timings in this example.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I think they are planning something along these lines.

(Al Clewley) #3

Well that’s good then! I would imagine that as the founder has been working on this since 2011, there aren’t many ideas that are going to be new to them. The interesting thing about this software is that there is so much scope to expand it.

(Todd Wesslen) #4

I agree, this would be cool.  Make it more interactive.

(Glen Sansoucie) #5

Great idea, if you are controlling this with your mobile device, they could also use the accelerometer to detect the direction by turning your handlebars.