Fork Information

I generally ride workouts so I am not too familiar with each course. When I do a free ride I often want to change course at a fork in the road. I do use the Mobile Link so I can see where each fork goes but the boxes that pop-up before each fork would be more useful if they included some information.

It would be helpful to see what in-game challenge (sprint or jersey) should be selected on the next segment and what the maximum elevation change would be before the next fork.

I have attached what this might look like in the game.

Thanks for the consideration.

I agree. The current buttons are difficult to see what is pictured.

Also, the arrow does not always seem to coincide with the road.I mean, the arrow indicates going straight but the road seems to curve to the left.

This seems to occur mostly in the London world.

I solved this by using the map overlay hack.

This is probably the best way to learn the roads in each world.

Now I take advantage of the different spawn points to get me closer to an area I want to ride.

But still, the buttons could be cleaned up.