Forerunner 35 & wahoo tickr

I have a garmin forerunner 35 as my watch, I also use it when running outdoors.

For zwifting I have tacx neo and wahoo tickr.

The question is, if I wear my forerunner while I’m zwifting, AND upload the zwift activity to garmin connect will it double/record the activity twice?

  • or will garmin connect workout that the two things are happening and merge the results in garmin connect?

I don’t want the calories burnt recorded twice, or heart rate twice, or overlapping.

Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance x

I am pretty sure it will double record.

A recent thread on the subject that maybe useful to you @U_rgh_Mode

Ah ha! Thanks! I’ll have a read. X

Yup. Fairly conclusive. It duplicates.

Nice. I’ll keep taking my watch off for the zwifting.

Thank you for replying.