Forced Update Deferral

(Bob Venturi) #1

It may only be me that is interested in this, but would it be possible to defer updates until after you finish a ride.  There are many days when I only have a window of an hour or so to ride, and too many times that gets cut to 50 minutes due to waiting for an update to download and be applied.

Would be great if you could just defer the update to start after you finish a ride and then it would be ready to go next ride.  My PC that runs Zwift is dedicated to the trainer and thus isn’t left on all of the time.

Small thing I know, but would be appreciated.

(Brandon Amos) #2

I don’t think it is always feasible to defer update in software that talks to central services.  If you have old software it might not for example communicate correctly with the server based software.

Maybe Zwift could thought -standardise their software release process.  For example, if we know that it would only happen at 16:00 on a Tuesday then we can plan that into our workout schedule.  Or if this is not possible, announce upcoming releases in advance to their release stating when they will occur.

For now though, I usually load Zwift in advance to getting changed for my ride.  Then I can start any downloads before I start getting dressed for the ride and sorting out my hydration.

(Tommy Sera) #3

Hej Bob, you are not alone. Today I was standing in my kit, all geared up only to find out that I cannot start using Zwift for another 20 minutes. Luckily Zwift is not the only one in this smart-trainer workout business :wink:

(Michael Henasey) #4

My PC is dedicated to Zwift and I leave it on.

The auto-update feature is great. I opened Zwift this morning and I already had the latest update (12/30).

The PC draws very little power when on but idle.