for neo users

(Mendelea Ma [KRT] #getwellR) #1

, since it rolls on its own especially on a down slope,  is there a function key that will stop the wheel from rolling that will act like a brake… Like if you rolling to start line &want to stop at a certain point without rolling past how would I do that? Is anyone aware??

(David Roberts WBR (D)) #2

If my understanding of Zwift is correct, the fact that your Neo motors the rear “wheel” after you stop pedalling has no impact as it is only the power output that determines the speed of your avatar in Zwift. As such it is the same as any other smart trainer or power meter equipped setup. It is the algorithm used in Zwift that determines how long you will roll after stopping pedalling, not the speed of the Neo. I’m not aware of any brakes.

Z Power may be different as it uses the speed of your rear wheel to determine what power you must be producing on your declared turbo trainer, with that derived power then being used to determine the speed of your avatar.