Footpod Cadance and Stride Error

I have raised a ticket on this but am opening it up for forum discussion as well.

I am using a Milestone footpod to run with Zwift and there is a bug on Zwift the incorrectly records the SPM and Stride.  It records half the number of steps taken as it only appears to record a stride as a single impact rather than doubling it to account for both feet.  This produces a distance error which appears to be corrected by doubling it.  So where I would normally run at around 190SPM and a stride of .95m Zwift shows me at 95 SPM and doing 1.9m strides!!!

The data recorded by the foot pod is correct as I have looked at the logs and when it exports to Garmin from the Milestone its correct.  When Zwift exports the data to Strava and Garmin it exports the error.

Has anybody else experienced this and across other footpads?