Fontsize w/kg age issue

because of age issues concerning the eyes it would be nice to get w/kg into the hud in same font as watts (toggle) because my eyes cannot read the w/kg in the riders list box

This is not solving your problem but it will help you a bit.

I made a excel spreadsheet (see below) that you put on your monitor or bike. since you know your weight it is easy to calculate at what w/kg you will be at certain power levels.

So let’s say you do a group ride between 1.9w/kg and 2.3w/kg then you need to hold your power between 133w and 161w


Hi, thanks for the advice, still hope software fix will get done; not that complicated…, proven by your table :slight_smile:

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Please vote up this request in the mean time: HUD Customisation


Probably not complicated math, but implementation is not that easy. At this point all things on screen are fixed, so code need to be written to toggle between power and w/kg.

Vote up the link @Paul_Allen posted.

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