Following not follow back list?

And on condition that he follows you back (gotta maintain those ratios :rofl:)

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I just gained two followers who I was NOT previously following. So it definitely happens.

I haven’t seen anyone claim it doesn’t happen. Most of the time when I gain followers it is people who are on my “Rode with” or “Ride On” list at the end of an event or ride … presumably I was also on their lists.

Anyone who is not interested in keeping their followed:following ratio close to one should NOT even be posting in this thread. Why are you here anyway?

They contribute nothing useful and that makes them TROLLS when they comment here.

With all due respect, it isn’t for you to decide who posts in which threads.

I am not even slightly interested in worrying about keeping my followed:following ratios close to one, but was interested in seeing what people had to say about it, and there were a couple of issues raised (such as your point about being followed by people you have not previously followed) that I felt I had a valid persepctive on.

None of that makes me a troll if I choose to post in this thread.