Following not follow back list?

Is there an easy way to identify and unfollow people you follow that don’t follow back?

Hi Speedy! :smiley:

I don’t believe there’s an easy way to do this. I recall a similar question several months ago and someone posted that there used to be a way, but it was removed with one of the updates.

I don’t think there is an ‘easy’ way, but you can always scroll through the list of people who are following you, and then go to the list of people you are following and remove those people who are not following you.

May I inquire, though, as to why you would want to do this? I mean, you chose to follow them so why do you care if they don’t follow you back? Maybe their thoughts on following people are different than yours. Or perhaps they don’t want their screen cluttered with the pointers that appear when people you are following are nearby. It seems like getting someone a gift they didn’t ask for and then being upset they didn’t get you something in return.

I’m not saying you’re wrong for feeling the way you do, just that I don’t understand it.

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It’s okay if you don’t understand.

If I started following them a while back and now I don’t recognize their name and they also don’t follow me back then it’s my philosophy not to reward this behavior with any gift at all.

If I want to do charity, I’ll do it. In this case, I don’t want to reward that.



Also, I think Zwift should have an easy way for me to do this. It’s easy from a software perspective; therefore, it’s an intentional obstacle Zwift has chosen to place on the user of their software.

No problem… add that to the haystack that if it becomes large enough, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

For now, I’ll do like ZwiftPower and create something on my own that Zwift should easily have available. Oh well.


‘Gift’ was the metaphor that Nigel used. I responded in his vernacular.

Instead of the simple list I requested available from Zwift, Nigel suggested I drop my request like any giving person would do.

If you are able to articulate any request, then there will always be someone with an angle who will contradict it.

Now you have the recipe for how to get someone to make stuff like that up for you. That’s my gift to you, :grinning:


I’m also missing this feature and has also been thinking about making something up myself to do this…

But it seems to me that the data only is accessible true the Companion app and that might be the challenge. If we were able to pull the raw follow and following data a simple python ( or whatever language you prefer ) should do the job ?

What’s your thought on this ?


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Could work.

Sounds like a bit of housecleaning. I get that. Personally, I don’t follow too many people. All of them I know personally, except for one that I follow just because I like their in-game moniker (U.KIDSGETOFFMYLAWN!) My reasoning is primarily that I just don’t want my screen covered in the large orange pointers you get when a rider you are following is in the vicinity. (If Zwift would make it so that the blue dots on the screen would just be a different color for your followers I would reassess.)

As for riders who are following me, if they want to unfollow that is fine. But I do try to go though my list of followers regularly and give them a Ride On if they are Zwifting at the time. (Well, I used to, until A recent Zwift update seems to have removed the list sorting. Hopefully they’ll put this back soon.) Thats my gift to them: extra Drops!

Now I seem to be able to give ride ons to everyone Zwifting that I’m following on the companion app.

That seems much easier than clicking on each one.

Am our misinterpreting what the app is doing?

You are correct. One of the recent ZCA updates made it possible for you to give a Ride On to everyone you are following with just one tap (if they are Zwifting at that time). They same is not true for Zwifters who are following you if you want to give them a Ride On you still have to go one-by-one.

When I press the top left corner of my phone on the companion app it goes to a page of my stats (I think). On this page are two thin boxes with “following” and “followers”
When I press one of these boxes I get a full list. The list used to be separated into
on-line and off-line. This is no longer the case. Each list is mixed. I have no way
of telling if a Zwifter is on line or not as I ride.
Is this the new norm? or do I have a problem?
This has only happened after last weeks iPhone companion app update.
Cheers for any info.

I’m on the latest Android app. My list of following and followers are both split between Zwifting now and Offline.

Thanks for the info David.
I’ll get back to the Zwift help line.

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What phone are you using? On my iOS apps the lists are not separated between riders who are active and inactive, like it used to be. Really hoping this will be switched back soon.

Hi Nigel,
Yes I’m using a iPhone.
Not sure Zwift Helpline understand my emails. I’ll try again, maybe…

“Ride On”

If on tap on the Ride On thumbs up for Zwifters who are riding or click on the name of the the people riding (right under the number of Zwifting now) you will get a list of people you follow that are currently riding/running.

This is correct. But the separation between Zwifting and not Zwifting also used to appear from the profile tab for people you follow AND for people following you. This is on iOS. People on Android seem to be indicating this is still working for them.

Any updates on Speed Skater’s question? I too would like to have my “Follow Lists” mirror themselves…except for special cases. For example, I have a one-way follow relationship with the Zwift YouTuber “Llama.” BTW, I understand why folks could have different opinions about this. Perhaps it comes down to whether you want to socially engage in Zwift like you would with “friends” on Facebook or like you would with “strangers” on Twitter. Not that I am a big fan of either of these platforms!


Even if I could just a get a list/export/csv of my Following/Followers lists I could do a compare and manual removal.

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