Following Ghosts

(Andre Hufschmid) #1

I once tried to follow the slipstream of a ghost but thats almost not possible. The speed of them is so inconsistent resulting in you passing them. Then when you slow down they shoot by you, so i gave up. Whats the meaning of them on the course if they can’t be followed?

(John Hudd) #2

hmmmm, works fine for me ?

the draft effect will bare some resemblance to what you are experiencing. As you get closer to them you are in their slipstream so don’t need to pedal as hard to stay behind. If you don’t reduce your power, YOU will get faster and go past, once past you will be out the draft, your speed will drop and the they will most likely come past again.


Are you sure its not your speed that is fluctuating and not theirs ?


But I like them, particulary useful in the big descents from the tower where you can save loads of time off if you are lucky enough to get 2 or more you can draft with on the way down