Following a friend

(Tony Cook) #1

Is there a way to follow a friend? I can’t seem to add someone

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #2

No official Zwift answer but have them link to Stava and friend them there as a work-around for now.

(Tom Coudyzer ( B) #3

If I’m not mistaken, rider/people lookup is on the developers’ todo list

(Lindsay Ruppert) #4

Good news, everybody!

We’ve added a whole slew of social features to our Mobile Link on iOS and Android, which includes following your friends (when they are online).

Log in to your Zwift Mobile Link app, tap their name in the riders list to open their profile page, and tap that orange Follow button! You’ll be able to see their activities in your feed, and see them at the top of our in-game join list to ride with them more easily.

We also have support coming for notifications when your friends log in, and more robust search functionality so stay tuned!

Ride on!

(Riccardo Volpe (riky76)) #5

nice news but it’s really difficult to search someone online in a list of hundred riders… why not a search window or a way to sort by strava followers (for example)



(Eric Kutter (Bend, ORZ)) #6

The current way to select riders is almost useless.  Looking forward to a way to find riders other than while you are riding and mark them to be followed.

Related to following, on the iPhone app, if I click on view “riders I follow”, they don’t show up.  Do I need to be close to them?  Given that there is usually only one or two riding, you’d think it would list them all regardless of where they are on the course.

(Leo O'Donnell - #7

Looking forward to improvements here. Its frustrating to have to fiddle with things while riding. I’d hope the SW architecture would enable setup of people I follow and review of activities from Strava through the web.

Mostly, I’m interested in just being able to find them and join a group ride ASAP; I can always use Strava to review rides, comment and give kudos.

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #8

Would love to follow friends before getting on…so that I can see if they are on when I get on. Only being able to follow a friend if we’ve been on together kind of defeats the purpose, no?

(Mark Philpott (SSVCC)) #9

Please can you add a search for friends facility as soon as possible so it is easy to select riders to follow in and out of the game. It is very hard to find people from a long active list and you will often not be online at the same time to search in any event. As such if you can’t follow people easily you are much less likely to create the ability to follow and join other riders in the game. Any indication of when this functionality will come? 

(Erin Wehr) #10

My husband and I live far apart due to our jobs. We have invested much in equipment to be able to ride our bikes “together” on Zwift, but have yet been able to even see each other in the game. Please bring this functionality to the program. It’s the main reason I was interested in the program. 

(V. Amyotte TFAF) #11

I was just trying to figure out how to add my friend and found this thread.  I agree, the “Sneak A Peak” rider screen has too many riders on the list with no way of filtering the list.  A country filter would even help.  The current easiest way to add a friend would be to send them a email/text telling them to log on, but don’t ride.  The current list is sorted based on the distance ridden, so if they log in and don’t ride, then they should be close to the top of the list.

A search sure would be nice though.  Also having a notification sent to my phone when a friend logs on would be nice too. That way a group of friends could more easily motivate the other friends to ride once they see each other logging on.

(Ken Vinton) #12

Has this feature been added now - being able to search for a specific rider by name so that you can then follow them.  Will following them then allow me to easily find them when we are both riding ie will it prompt me with a list of friends that are currently cycling so that I can ride on/join them?

Think this is pretty much the only key feature that is missing from an otherwise excellent product.